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Bridal Shopping Tips to help ensure a perfect day!

Book An Appointment



We always recommend booking an appointment in order to ensure that you have a dressing room, seating for your guests, and a Bridal Stylist who is dedicated to you.

Preparing for your appointment

Before you start shopping create your Gown Plan!

  • Set your budget - including alterations
  • Plan when you want to start shopping to allow for delivery times (some designers can take up to 8 months)
  • Choose your advisors (we recommend a maximum of 3 to 4) - who you bring with you is important, choose people you trust to be honest but who will also respect your style, taste, and personal judgement.
  • Pre-shop online - have some pictures ready to share with your Bridal Stylist of dress styles, silhouettes, and fabrics / design details that you are interested in.  Don't worry about specific designers - every designer offers a variety of styles and design details.
  • Book your appointments with enough time during the day to stop for a rest and food - trying on dresses can be tiring and having time to relax is important.
  • Keep an open mind, sometimes the perfect dress can surprise you!

What to bring to your bridal appointment

  • If you have selected your wedding shoes please bring them along - we have shoes in store for you to use to see how different heel heights will look as well.
  • Foundation garments - undergarments are important as your stylist may need to be assist you in and out of the sample gowns and they can affect how a gown fits.  If you are planning on wearing an shape wear please bring it along.  A strapless bra can also be helpful if you are interested in strapless gowns.
  • Any accessories, jewellry, or special items (family veil), etc. that you will be wearing with your gown.

What to expect during your appointment

  • Your stylist will work with you to select gowns for you try based on your preferences, your body type and bone structure, your budget, wedding theme / venue, and most importantly: your personal style.  
  • Appointment typically run from an hour to an hour and 15 minutes - that average number of gowns tried on during an appointment ranges from 5 to 15.
  • Your stylist will keep notes on all of your favourites so you can take the time you need to think about your decision, we are always happy to book a second appointment for you to come back and review your favourites - there is never any pressure to purchase a gown!