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Bridal Veil Guide

The traditional guidelines for choosing a veil to wear with your gown no longer apply - your veil is an accessory that is as unique as you and can add a dramatic or subtle statement to your bridal vision.  Whether it is a birdcage with a ballgown, a cathedral veil on the beach, or an elegant waltz length with a traditional gown, your veil should reflect your personal style.   To see our collection of beautiful veils and accessories please stop by and a stylist would be honoured to assist you.

bridal Veil lengths

Bird Cage: 6 to 12 inches - open netting that covers a portion or all of your face and is typically attached with a comb 

Shoulder / Flyaway: 20 inches - should rest just below your shoulders

Elbow / Waist: 24 to 30 inches - resting around the small of your back

Fingertip: 35 to 38 inches - resting at your fingertips or mid thigh

Waltz: 50 to 60 inches - resting below the knees and above the ankles (depending on your height)

Floor Length: 65 to 70 inches - just touching the floor at the back of your gown

Chapel / Sweep: 90 to 100 inches - trailing 1 to 2 feet behind you 

Cathedral: 110 to 125 inches - training 3 to 4 feet and extending past the train of your gown

Royal / Princess: 140 inches or longer - trailing 5 to 15 feet in length and up to 10 feet in width at the bottom edge

Blusher: 12 to 36 inches - a blusher comes over the front of your face and typically extends between your chin to fingertips