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Boho Chic Brides and Urban Hippie Weddings

Durand Bridal

This style is achieved by combining interesting pieces that reflect vintage fashion with a modern twist to create a soft and feminine look that celebrates a woman who embodies the ideals of the hippie and folk culture including love, equality, peace, social and environmental awareness.

Ways to create your Boho Chic / Urban Hippie Look:

  • Choose a hair wreath made of daisies, summer flowers, or hand twisted pearls
  • Carry a bouquet of wild hand tied flowers
  • Wear your hair loose and long and with a simple fresh flower
  • Switch out your heels for barefoot sandals
  • Add a loosely tied belt in a pastel colour or with a few crystals
  • Style your hair in a soft single braid with tiny flowers woven in
  • Add vintage or retro styled accessories for your jewelry
  • Choose a soft flowing dress that is off the shoulder or strapless with an empire waist
  • Wear a headband of loosely tied lace that cascades down into a veil

The word Boho comes from the term Bohemian which is defined as: a person who lives a free and artistic life placing the highest value on the expression of love, freedom, art, and social conscious without being ruled or bound by oppression or out of date conventions. Boho Chic is a way of expressing and paying tribute to these values with a fashion forward or elegant (chic) twist.

We are thrilled to celebrate Boho Chic and Urban Hippie Brides and all of the beautiful ideals they want to share. Please visit our bridal accessories collection to see some of our Barefoot Sandals and Bridal Wreaths from Durand Bridal