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2014 Wedding Themes and Dress Codes for Guests

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A growing trend for 2014 weddings is to have guests participate in the theme of the wedding with non-traditional dress codes for both men and women that compliments the Bride and Groom’s vision and expresses their personalities. This could mean asking the guests to come in anything from a certain level of dress code (ranging from black tie to casual), a specific era in fashion (the 1920’s or 1980’s), a complete theme (“Country Chic”), or to add a touch of a specific color to their outfits.

To communicate the request many couple are creating unique catch phrases on their invitations to let their guests know they will be active participants in the theme for the wedding like “Cowboy Couture”. While this allows your guests to feel more included in the day and create incredible photos it can also create some confusion for people if they misinterpret the request or are unclear in what you are asking. To ensure that all of your guests understand the dress code choose a descriptive way to add it to your invitation and expand on it with examples or a brief explanation on your wedding website – some couple have even included a few photos for reference. While not everyone will follow a dress code request most guests are happy to be included in the fun if you make it easy and accessible for them.

Another great way to share your vision for your wedding day and make your guests feel comfortable in participating is to include a Dress Code card in your invitation for them. A little 3 x 4 card with information and examples will help to ensure your message is communicated and explained without having to answer a hundred phone calls in the weeks leading up to your big day. For example:


Some of the hottest new wedding dress codes and themes for 2014 include:

  • “Gatsby Chic”
  • “Bohemian Black-tie”
  • “Cowboy Couture”
  • “Red Carpet Affair”
  • “Farmhouse Chic”
  • “California Casual”
  • “Cocktail Grunge”
  • “Dressy Casual”
  • “Festive Elegance”
  • “Beach Chic”

Colour themes are also going to be a big trend next year – for example:

  • “Romance in Red”
  • “Springtime Pastels”
  • “The Emerald City”
  • “White Night” (perfect for a wedding where the bride is wearing a gown in a deep colour)

Your theme can be as extravagant or sublet as you want and is only limited by your imagination. It can help create beautiful photos and make your guests feel like a part of the day, choose something the expresses your personality and celebrates the love you are sharing with each other and all of your guests!