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Bridal Style with Randy from "Say Yes To The Dress" and Durand Bridal

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Bridal Style with Randy from "Say Yes To The Dress" and Durand Bridal

Durand Bridal was incredibly honoured to be one of the guests in a very special chat with Randy Fenoli from TV’s “Say Yes To The Dress”, “Randy Knows Best", and “Randy to the Rescue!”. In addition to being watched by millions of viewers each week and having his new book published (“It’s All About The Dress”), Randy is one of the leading bridal fashion experts in North America and has dressed thousands of brides ranging from top celebrities to local brides working on a smaller budget. Randy generously answered our questions and shared his thoughts with us on some of the challenges brides face when shopping along with his top secret tips on what the hottest trends will be in 2014.

Highlights from the Wedding Market Chat with Randy Fenoli on October 23, 2013:

Question: How did you get involved with Bridal Fashions?
Randy: I entered a bridal competition while I was studying fashion at F.I.T.

Question: Before you obtained your job at Kleinfeld’s were you going to open up a Bridal Salon in New Orleans?
Randy: Yes, I had chosen the space, got my finances in order, had customers lined up, and then Hurricane Katrina hit!

Question: What were your favorite highlights from NYC Bridal Fashion Week?
Randy: Seeing all the stunning collections & attending all the glittering parties! @Lazaro_bridal celebrated 20 years w/ @JLMcouture and 30 years in the bridal industry.

Question: For those that have never attended Bridal Fashion Week can you explain what it’s like?
Randy: It’s like watching a never-ending parade of thousands of dresses made of white confection from hundreds of designers!

Question: What do you see as the coming trends in Bridal this year?
Randy: Yokes, sleeves, straps, low backs, slimmer silhouettes, shorter trains, tons of lace & tulle. Basically there are gowns for every bride! Whether you’re Bohemian, traditional, or princesses: there’s a gown for you! Top Trends: Quiet elegance.

Question: What tips do you offer brides in finding that perfect dress?
Randy: Set a budget! Prepare for appointment by gathering dresses that inspire you. Narrow down your look and silhouette. Keep an open mind! Always buy the dress that makes you FEEL the MOST beautiful. You will wear it more confidently!

Question: What colors that are acceptable for brides to wear besides white?
Randy: I recommend Off white, ivory champagne, and VERY PALE pastel colors. Unless wearing a color is a cultural or religious tradition of course!

Question: Do you think it’s okay for each bridesmaid to wear something different?
Randy: Yes, but I do believe they should be in the same color palate to give a cohesive look.

Question: What was the craziest dress you ever sold to a bride?  
Randy: Probably Pnina Tornai’s high-low silver lame’ gown.

Question: What (and who) should a bride bring with to an appointment?
Randy: People who really care about her and what she want for her wedding! She needs to set rules beforehand!

Question: How do you help destination wedding brides choose the perfect gown for their I-Do’s?
Randy: A bride should ALWAYS wear a dress that makes her feel beautiful. If u can’t carry it, it should pack well!

Question: Is the high-low trend very popular for Brides? Bridesmaids?
Randy: I see it on the runways, but have very few brides actually asking for it.

Question: What do you think is the most popular embellishment for 2014 – lace, crystals, embroidery, beadwork, etc.?
Randy: I would say lace! I saw it in Chantilly, re-embroidered, & Venice. And I saw them combined together!

Question: How long does a bride usually spend with you trying on gowns before choosing one?
Randy: Appointments are generally an hour and a half. Sometimes it can take more than one appt.

Question: Which celebrity would you love to dress?
Randy: Angelina Jolie or Oprah. More because who they are and what they represent!

Question: What would you like everyone to take away from this Chat?
Randy: I always like to follow my 3 E’s Educate, Elevate and empower! Education is the basis of our society. If we know a little more, we would judge a little less. Elevate a women’s self-confidence. No matter what size, shape, age or ethnicity. We are all beautiful. Empower a person 2 feel good walking down the aisle & also to go thru life feeling good about the choices they make.


From everyone at Durand Bridal and Formal Wear we would like to thank Mr. Randy Fenoli for sharing his knowledge and experience with us. We also express our thanks and gratitude to the team at Wedding Market News for organizing and hosting this amazing event! It was our privilege to participate in such an incredible day with wedding professionals from across North America.

To learn more about Randy you can visit his website at: www.randyfenoli.com or you can find him on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/randyfenoli and Twitter at: @randyfenoli

You can learn more about the great people at Wedding Market News on Twitter at: @weddingmarket

Chat highlights have been formatted / edited for publishing from original twitter format.